Learn - Data Science & Data Engineering

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  • Key Topics Covered
  • Scope & Career Opportunities
  • Real Time Projects

    Data Science

  • Heart Failure Prediction System
  • Speech Emotion Detection System using Python
  • Credit Card Fraud Detection System Python
  • Recipe Recommendation from the Ingredients Flutter App

Learn - Data Science & Data Engineering

70% of the Data Science job openings require less than five years of experience. Our Data Science, Data Engineering with Python, Data Science with R, and Data Analytics with Power BI courses meet the increasing demand for skilled professionals in this field. Learning data science and data analytics can open up many career opportunities in fields such as data analysis, business intelligence, and decision making.

Course Objective

Our courses provide students with the knowledge they need to become proficient in their chosen field of Data Science. Our training programmes aim to bridge the gap between industry demands and aspiring professionals' current skill set, assisting them in achieving their career objectives. We provide comprehensive training to prepare students for a rewarding career in data science.

    Data Science using R

  • Enterprise JavaBeans
  • Clustering, Classification
  • Decision Tree and Forecasting
  • R Programming
  • Regression Analysis
  • Statistics & Probability

Scope & Career Opportunities

This course covers both fundamental and advanced machine learning concepts, such as data preparation, feature engineering, model selection, and optimisation. You will learn to use and implement popular machine learning algorithms such as regression, clustering, and decision trees in Python and R.

    Who is this Course suitable for?

  • Aspiring data scientists
  • Software developers
  • IT professionals
  • Analytics professionals
  • Graduates looking for a career in AI

    Job Roles:

  • AI Research Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer

Course Features

  • Duration:60 Hours
  • Flexible Learning In-center and online
  • Practical Learning Hands-on experience
  • Learn fromIndustry Experts
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