Node JS - Course & Certification

  • Course Description
  • Key Topics Covered
  • Scope & Career Opportunities
  • Real Time Projects

    Software Development

  • Real-time Chat Application
  • Live Dashboard
  • Multiplayer Game Server
  • IoT Data Monitoring System
  • Real-time Analytics Dashboard

Node JS - Certification Training Coursee

Node.js has become one of the most popular platforms for building fast, scalable, and real-time web applications. In this comprehensive course, you will dive deep into Node.js and learn how to leverage its features to build robust and efficient web applications.

Course Objective

To understand the NodeJS framework. To build HTTP server with NodeJS. To understand Buffers, Events, and Streams. To build web applications with the help of JavaScript.

  • Overview of Node.js
  • Node.js Modules and npm
  • Node.js File System
  • Asynchronous Programming
  • Introduction to Express
  • Routing and Middleware
  • Connecting to Databases
  • CRUD Operations with Mongoose
  • Express Router

Scope & Career Opportunities

The demand for NodeJS development is growing every year. Companies want to hire Node developers, but there is a shortage of expert NodeJS developers. This is because to master JavaScript, developers need to work as a backend development partner – something that not all JavaScript developers can do.

    Who is this Course suitable for?

  • Web Developers
  • Frontend Developers
  • Backend Developers
  • Students and Aspiring Developers

    Job Roles:

  • Node.js Developer
  • Full-stack Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • API Developer

Course Features

  • Duration:60 Hours
  • Flexible Learning In-center and online
  • Practical Learning Hands-on experience
  • Learn fromIndustry Experts
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